Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fuji Reborn

I was thrown into a thorough depression over the closure of the restaurant Fuji in Cinnaminson. A story might My father was in Tokyo on business and was discussing this great Japanese restaurant in South Jersey. His Japanese host enquired if he was referring to Fuji. That should tell you something.

Turns out my depression need not be long lived. Apparently, Fuji is moving to Haddonfield. I am dying to get back there for a chirashi sushi bowl as soon as possible.

There's not much that need be said about Fuji: they are correct in their claim that it is the best Japanese food in the area. If you want traditional Japanese dishes of quality, Fuji is the place to go.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Interview with Joe Brown

The ethnic composition of south jersey has traditionally consisted of italian, irish, polish and african american communities. The restaurant scene is by far dominated by italian cuisine and italian american chefs (with many pleasing consequences, I should add). Chef Joe Brown is a refreshing change of pace, bringing elements of african american heritage to his unique cuisine at Melange in Cherry Hill. Readers may enjoy this interview in the short run. In the coming months, I'll give a detailed overview of Melange after my next meal there. For now, I'll add that I view Melange as one of the best restaurants in the area and, short of an extraordinary gastronomique like Le Bec Fin, an outstanding dining experience nationally.